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Yahoo! 360: A Fast Growing Social Networking Site

Yahoo is considered one of the top companies in the world specializing in various internet services. Yahoo offers online services like shopping, travel, music, games, movies, electronic mail, chat, and others. It has also created its own social networking website known as Yahoo! 360.


Signing up in Yahoo! 360 takes only a few seconds. Just use your Yahoo user ID and password. If you do not have an email account with Yahoo, go directly to the website or click the icon of Yahoo! 360 in Yahoo’s homepage.

Once you’re preferred user ID is approved, sign up in Yahoo! 360 and create your very own webpage or first explore the entire content of the website to get a general idea of its features and services. The website will guide you step by step when creating your profile page. Just fill in the necessary information, choose a template and write anything catchy that best describes you. Since this is a social networking website and you want to gain friends, include your interests and hobbies so that you may be able to attract people who share the same interests that you have.

If you are into blogging or creating online journals, you can also publish your writings in Yahoo! 360 blog. Through blogs, you do not only express yourself but you also update people with things happening in your life especially distant relatives and former classmates who are already in your Yahoo! 360 network. On top of it, blogging in Yahoo! 360 is absolutely free of charge.

In any social networking website, you can invite people to become your friends or be invited by others. You can look for people by using different keywords provided by Yahoo! 360’s search engine. Some of the keywords are city, state, and hobby. You can also directly invite people whose profiles appeal to you directly through their webpage. Your invitation may either be approved or rejected but as long as your webpage is attractive and not offensive, you have a great chance of being approved. You can also join the website’s chat room to be able to talk and view your friends.

A remarkable feature of Yahoo! 360 is its homepage. It functions to provide all updates about your friends like changes in their profiles, new pictures and blogs. You will be prompted on who among your chatmates are online. You will also know if you have new email messages. You don’t have to go far as everything can be seen in this page. I could go on forever describing Yahoo! 360, but if you want to experience it, the only smart thing to do is to visit the website and register.


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