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Orkut: A Social Networking Website From Google

Do you want to meet more friends who share the same interests that you have? Do you want to know more about music, culture, religion or the arts? How do you feel doing all of these online? Are you familiar with social networking in the internet? If so, have you tried going to the different websites that facilitate social networking? is one of the many available social networking websites. It was named after its creator, Orkut Buyukkokten, an employee of Google. This website aims to build a large network of individuals who are willing to build friendships and interact with people over the internet. It is like a community.

What makes Orkut a worthwhile website to visit? First and foremost, Orkut offers free services to its members. Secondly, Orkut’s membership is not open to everyone. You must be personally invited by Google to become an account member. How does this system work? Orkut invites people by simply giving current members the privilege to invite their friends and relatives. Is this beneficial or not? According to Google, this system provides assurance that members really do exist and are not just identities created by people who have nothing good to do in their lives. Since, we are already part of a social network in our school, workplace, church, and community, there are great chances that our friends are already members of Orkut and would invite us.

Once you become a member of Orkut, you may begin viewing profiles of its many members. You can hunt for old friends who’ve migrated to other countries, or look for people who have similar hobbies and affiliations that you have, or even invite your crush to be a part of your personal network. Besides the many friendships and business relationships built on the internet, there are also cases wherein acquaintances bloom into romantic relationships.

Almost anything is possible when you become a member of Orkut. You can meet with your friends personally and do activities with each other, you can express yourself through blogs, you can even promote your business or your skills as any type of networking have its business side.

Modern technology has provided us many ways of communicating with people and keeping our relationships with them. Social networking is among these methods. It does not limit us to befriend people who are accessible, but also expose us to many interesting individuals who live miles away. In the convenience of our homes, we are able to get bits of knowledge about what is happening in other places, about leisure activities that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial, and about to so many ideas that are new to us.


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